Welcome to Beach Grove Division 2!


may 25th

grade 7s baby pictures thursday

spellathon Friday

big 4 singed

5.1 5.2 due thurs

Friday June 17th  band concert


May 17th

Math handout page 65 and 66

May 6th

Big 4 signed monday

Finish 5.3 tuesday – sicence

Global issues booklet redo monday 9th

Friday june 17th band concert 9:00 am

April 26th

Everything from yesturday

Protractors and compass friday

Body paragraph outline monday

April 25th

Grade 7 band form signed friday

Hip hop – black pants, white shirt

Big 4 signed tuesday

No track practice wednesday



April 21th

Everything from yesturday

Math page 264 # 8-11 friday

April 20th

7- tech fair permission

Drug presentation – thursday

Page 264 # 1,6,7 – thursday (math)

Science 5.3 hypothesis and procedure – monday

S.S global issues booklet redo – friday april 29th

Spelling lesson 33 – monday

May 5th band concert 6:00 pm


March 31st

Math: page 123 #1-5 in Focus 7

plus pgs 112-113 for those not finished

Science: Try this pg 89 definne Ch5 hilighted words- Monday

HACE: May 5th band concert 6:00 PM

Study skills test: Wed

March 29th

Science pg 38, define highlighted words in chapt. 5-mon

May 5th band concert at 6:00 pm

Math- big 4 signed, power builders

Welcome back! 🙂

march 10t

grade 7- pg 145-146 #1-22

grade 6- pg 93- 94  #1- 13

global issues- last presentations!!!


2 sketches for french

may 5 band concert at six p.m

March 8

2 sketches

text book preview friday

may 5th band concert 6:00



Feb 25

math contest- $3.00

global issues project- march 4

french test monday

math test tommorow! Math! Test! Tommorow! Better study…

Science fair monday ☺︎

pictures for tekra

Skiing- 6:45

Febuary 24

French test Monday!

Math test Friday!

Science fair Monday!

Math contest – 3 buckaroos. 3 dollars. 300 cents. (You get the picture)

Lit circle Wednesday

📚 study 📝test 😃finished 👍good job!

feb 17

Bring picture for Tekra!!!

Book orders Wednesday

Global issues mar 4

Make cookies for sale. Money we make goes to tekra. So get baking! 🙂

French study vocab

lit circles

feb 15

French- study vocab sheet

Lit circles

Skiing- be here at 6: 45 am

feb 12

band test- if you didn’t get to play today, you should practice for monday.

lit circles

French due mon

have a good weekend!!


Feb 11

chapter 7 math due fri

french mots dsin fri

lit circles 5 questions and quote



Wed, Feb 10th

Math- Chapter 7 lessons 1 and 2

Lit circles- 5 questions and a quote

grade 7’s- Please practice for band test!!! DO NOT FORGET!

Poster board- science

Cypress on feb 16!!! ☺︎☺︎☺︎

Thursay, Feb 4th

Reading- 5 questions and a quote-wed

French- Mots- dessin and pages 22-23 due 15th

Grade 7s- Band test!!! Band test!! Practice for the band test!! On the 12! (Concert b-flat number 2)🎶

Science- poster board — buy or use school paper?

Cypress Tues!!! 6:45 am! Please be here!

By the way, happy long weekend!!! 😃 👍

Tuesday, Feb 2nd

Gr 7s- Band test on 12th page 40 Concert b flat #2

Lit circles- 5 questions and a quote

(seriously, lit circles are due tomorrow. So i hope you did it, div 2 kids…)

Reminder- cypress trip Tuesday! Yay!

Fri, Jan 29, 2016

Ski $

Big 4 signed and returned monday

5 questions and a quote- wed

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Have a good weekend☺︎!!!



Essay draft- Friday 29

5 questions + quote- Wednesday


Friday costume day 🙂

WITW- Friday




Essay draft- Friday 29

5 questions + quote- Wednesday


Friday- costume day 🙂

Both math sheets- Thursday


Friday, January 22

Essay draft – Friday 29

5 questions and quote- Wednesday


(gr. 6 only) focus 6 pg. 179-181 #1-15 due Monday

January 19th

Lit Circles: 5 questions and a quote: Due every Wednesday

Math: Lowest terms sheet-Wed

Benchmarks Memorized!

Skiing Notices returned


Jan 5th

Science fair notice- please read and sign

PS welcome back

December 1st

Food drive

Science data table Mon

Any students who have not brought in hoodie money:It  needs to be in tomorrow!

Math test signed wed

Nov 26, Thursday

French quiz

Math test signed- Wednesday

Happy long weekend! (We’ve earned it!) 🙂

November 25, Wednesday

French quiz Mon 30th📘

Socials test tomorrow!!!

Gr 7: practice your instrument!!! It’s realy important you know jingle bells, the whole mickey mouse march,up on a house top and jolly old st. nick…


November 24th, tuesday


math review, math test wed

french quiz nov.30th

s.s test thurs


November 23, Monday

Study! Math test is Wednesday, French test is next Monday, and Socials test is Thursday!!!

Spelling due Tuesday📝

Really! I’m not kidding! You definitely need to study the math, french and socials!📚

Gr 7s- practice instrument! Super important! 🎶

Nov 17, Tues

GR 7- Pay for hoodie! Zipper $28 Pull over $25

French quiz Monday 30th

Socials quiz Thursday 26th

What in the World due fri

Spelling due mon

Find three facts in the news about Canada and the Syrian refugeee crisis for Wednesday

French fashion show on 24th

x-mas script writing on mon/wed/fri

November 16, Monday

French quiz- Mon nov 30 on clothing, numbers to 20 and colours

French fashion show-Tues nov 24

Find 3 facts about Syrian refugees and Canada for wed

Socials quiz on November 26

Volley ball drivers-grade 7’s

Grade 7 Christmas concert writing mon/wed/fri

Make sure to write down the 3 facts!!!! 🙂

November 13 Friday

Find three facts in the news about Canada and the Syrian refugee crisis by wed

Socials Quiz Nov 26th

Gr 7’s script writing Mon/Wed/Fri

Mass and voume Mon

Spelling Mon

Have a good weekend 🙂

November 10th Tuesday

Grade 7-Email Mrs. Olsen playing test by Wedsday

Science-Mass/Volume due Monday

What in the world due Thursday

Current events present on Friday

Grade Seven script writing Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Grade Seven volleyball drivers needed for Thursday

November 9th Monday

Poppy donations

Grade 7’s email Mrs. Olsen playing test- colsen@deltasd.bc.ca

Grade 7’s Christmas concert writing Thursday and Friday

What in the world refugee’s due Thursday

Gr 7’s volley ball driver for Thursday

Current events prestenting FRIDAY

French due tomorrow

November 6th Friday

current events Thursday

what in the world refugees Thursday

French Tuesday


November 2 monday

tree art wed curling tues set up battle ship game 2

spelling due tues current events wed

french what are you wearing

october 28 curling monday

Ask parents about global goals write down

current events presentation wed


Monday, October 19th

Guess to dress quarters

We Day Permission forms 6: 45 am wed Oct. 21

Curling Tues – shoes and helmet

Input/output machine tuesday



Thursday, October 15th

Big four signed friday

Guess to dress quarters

puzzle and proofreading monday

my riding sheet monday

Wednesday, October 14th

1.4 and 1.5 thursday

guess to dress quarters

puzzle and proofreading monday



Tuesday, October 14th

Oct. 14th current events for first group

Puzzle and proofreading sheet due mon

1.2 and 1.3 math due wed

photo orders due oct.14th

Friday, October 9th

Photo orders due Oct. 14th

Curling notice due tuesday

( Isla, Andrew, LJ)

Curling need clean shoes and helemet


Thursday, October 8th

Curling notice must come back tomorrow

Name plates due friday

Tuesday, October 6th

Math booklet and handout due wednesday

Photo orders due Oct.14

Google consent (online)

3 name plates due friday

Friday, October 2nd

Math: Focus 6 pg 72 #4-12 Focus 7: pg 29 # 1 and 5b Due Mon

PE strip: must have appropriate footwear and a change of shirt every day

Friday, September 18th, 2015:

Parent signature in plannner-Monday (September 21)

All About Me Project-Wednesday (September 23)

Big 4 signed and corrected-Monday (September 21)


Wednesday, September 30, 2015:

Math Focus 6 page 76 #2-5-Thursday (October 1)

Breadwinner Connections-Thursday (October 1)

W.I.T.W: Facebook Phenomenon #1-8-Friday (October 2)

All About Me-Thursday (October 1)

P.E Strip: change of shirt (shorts/pants optional) and running shoes


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Essay draft – Friday 29

Benchmarks memorized – Friday 22

5 questions & quote – Wednesday

Cypress- waiver & $money