Welcome to Beach Grove Division 2!

Classroom Routines

Homework Policy

We understand that students and parents have busy lives outside of school hours and we don’t want homework to become a stressful and onerous part of your day. If your child makes good use of class time and isn’t struggling with a particular subject area, he or she may have very little homework.

Good communication between teachers and parents is key to your child’s success. So if we feel that your child is not using class time wisely or needs some extra assistance, we will discuss our concerns with you as they arise.

We will be available at 8:30 each morning, in our classroom, for homework club. We are also available after school. We don’t want anyone heading home unsure of an assignment that needs to be completed for the next day. We would also like to encourage students to email us should they have any questions.

If an assignment is incomplete, students will be expected to stay in at lunch or after school until it is finished. If a student has 3 incomplete assignments in one term, we will be phoning home to discuss the situation.

If a student has a busy week with dance, a soccer tournament or some other out of school commitment, we would encourage them to come to us ahead of time and we will be happy to give extensions or adapt assignments to accommodate your child’s needs.

Class Schedule

PE : Daily

Library : Book Exchange on Fridays

Band/Music: Mondays and Fridays


One response to “Classroom Routines

  1. Susan McBain says:

    I love this site! Great idea to help us all stay on top of things.

Please email us at jbonikowsky@deltasd.bc.ca or jmcalder@deltasd.bc.ca if you have a question

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